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Why Purchase Accessories From An Online Kpop Shop- Friends of Wass

January 20, 2017 • wapow

Korean pop fashion is unique in so many ways and all participants of this fashion trend choose to dress how they feel. Fortunately, with the help of the Internet, shopping for Kpop fashion as well as accessories has never been easier. Of course, a brick and mortar Kpop shop still offers a nostalgic environment everyone enjoys shopping in. With that being said, there are quite a few reasons to consider shopping online if you haven’t given online merchandise a second thought!

Better Selection

Once you figure out the types of merchandise you’re looking to purchase, your search is made easier by your ability to find a Kpop shop in just a few short seconds. Meanwhile, your area may have one or two shops, if you’re looking for something specific, it may be easier to just look it up online. Whether you like Kpop shirts or you’re looking for the perfect accessory to complete your look, one of the many shops online will have exactly what you seek. You’ll find lots of Kpop merchandise, if you know where to look.

I like to buy things online because I live out in the middle of nowhere. It takes me about 20 minutes at minimum to drive to anywhere like a store or gas station. That’s each trip, too. That means mean that I have to drive 20 minutes to the shops, then spend however much time I’m going to be there, then drive 20 minutes back.

So, if I want to do something as simple as pick up some toothpaste because I rant out of it, it’s a minimum of a 50 minute activity. It takes me at least 10 minutes to park, go into the shop, find what I need, check out, and come back out to my car. This will take even longer if the shop is full of people. So, 50 minutes is actually being pretty conservative.

This is why shopping online is so much more convenient.

Here is us appearing on an episode of Heavy Haul. He mentions Wapak shops and you see our kpop shop! It’s pretty brief, but nice to be on TV 🙂

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